Roasted Chickpea Bowl

This post may have affiliate links  My husband and I make this meal once a week, I am not kidding, it is that good.  Not only is it deliciously packed with incredible nutrients but it [...]

9 Ingredient Chili

To be honest with you I was inspired to create this recipe and many others while learning all the healthy foods to incorporate into my diet while pregnant, I have so many to share and [...]

Easy Appetizer Bruschetta

You can ask my husband, I am “dip” person through and through. I love DIPS and I know that bruschetta isn’t really a dip but it has never stopped me from dipping my bread or [...]

Apple Pie Bites

There is just something about an apple pie that just makes my heart happy, it is something about the cinnamon, the bite of the apple, just the nostalgia of it all. I just love apple [...]

Greek Salad with Quinoa

A Greek salad is  one of my favorite salads because not only is it super fresh but it is packed with delicious flavors and health benefits.  Not to mention being half Greek, this is definitely [...]

Cinnamon Roll Bites

This post may have affiliate links Cinnamon Rolls are my true weakness but I honestly rarely have them because if I make them I would eat the whole pan and when I do eat one, [...]

Vegan Monkey Cookies

I have to admit, I would watch one of my friend’s and fellow blogger make her recipe for Monkey Cookies on her stories and they always looked so delicious to me. I kept telling myself, [...]

Vegan Tuna Sandwich

How to make the perfect Vegan Tuna Sandwich. A creamy deli – style salad sandwich makes for a satisfying bite that’s hard to beat when the lunchtime hunger rolls around. That’s why today I wanted to put a vegan spin on the classic chicken, egg or tuna salad recipe. ⠀ • ⠀

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