Breakfast Banana Split

With everything that comes along with an IVF journey, shots, pills, timelines, time frames, hormones, emotions, etc. Figuring out what to eat shouldn’t be what causes the most stress or stress at all and being able to fuel your body with nutrient it needs to help support your journey shouldn’t be daunting or confusing either. [...]

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Mocktail Mimosa

I am a champagne girl at heart and tequila but that’s another blog post but amongst my girlfriend’s I have been known to be a bubbly boss so it maybe obviously that mimosas are one of my favorite drinks. I have so many different variations of this drink in my arsenal but today, I am [...]

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Mocktail: Grapefruit Fizz

Every weekend Neil and I do a date night in, yes we make dinner together at home the other nights of the week  but this night we make it a little more special. We tend to make our favorite meals like tacos, pizza or pasta but with a healthier spin on it and with that [...]

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Hot Toddy Mocktail aka the HOT DADDY

Not a big drinker, don’t drink at all or somewhere in your fertility or pregnancy journey?  The holidays tend to be where drinks and cheer seem to be flowing so as someone who is cutting out alcohol hopefully for the next year or so I have been working on some delicious mocktail ideas just in [...]

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