IVF Affirmations

I know it isn't as easy as saying a few words and everything is fine but what I do know is how powerful your thoughts can be. This won't be a long blog post at all just one for you to hold on to, come to, write down on a piece of people to not [...]

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Affirmations For Fertility

I never really valued the power of my thoughts until I truly felt I had no other choice as I was faced with fertility issues.  If I didn’t start saying and  most importantly believing these things about myself or situation I would have lost my mind. My thoughts would have ran ragged with negativity. I [...]

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5 Tips For IVF Stim Shots

I will admit on my first go around with the shots, I was scared, I was intimidated, I didn’t know what to expect. I just kept hearing from people I knew who had done IVF was how hard it was. Now looking back on I feel as though the hardest parts of the shots were [...]

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Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal

Do you like oats? Did you know they are packed with fiber that help regulate your hormones as well as helps improve ovulation and recent studies in IVF have shown that whole grains can improve implantation. – There are so many ways to enjoy oats like in a smoothie, in a pancake, in your cereal, [...]

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