Apple Pie Bites the modern day girlfriend

There is just something about an apple pie that just makes my heart happy, it is something about the cinnamon, the bite of the apple, just the nostalgia of it all. I just love apple pie everything but what I don’t love is the feeling you get if you eat too much of it or eat it too fast. That’s why I love these apple pie bites all the flavor without the “guilt”

Get the recipe below!

Apple Pie Bites Apple Pie Bites the modern day girlfriend





First you will want to pulse the almonds in a food processor until the almonds are “chopped” into small pieces. After place them in a bowl on the side.

Next in the food processor place the dates and pulse until it  becomes a sticky ball. Once in a ball add the nuts back in along with the dried apples, raisins, cinnamon,  nutmeg, vanilla and sea salt. Pulse until combined.

Once combined, take the  dough and form it into to small balls. Place in the fridge, in a sealed storage container.

Storage options

In the fridge 1 week.

Freezer 3 months.

Apple Pie Bites the modern day girlfriend