Sick of My Own Cooking Box With CAULIPOWER

This post is sponsored by CAULIPOWER, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own


I don’t know if you are like me but we do a lot of cooking in this house, and even more so since we have been quarantining like the rest of the world since last March, so when CAULIPOWER® reached out to me to try out their Sick Of My Own Cooking’ Box, I jumped at the chance! This is not to say I am sick of my own cooking but sometimes a girl needs that extra support when it comes to meal time!
CAULIPOWER sick of my own cooking box 1
If you have never heard of CAULIPOWER,  here is a little background on the company, CAULIPOWER was founded by their CEO, and mother Gail Becker, whose two sons have Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley, and rye and over time, if you eat gluten and suffer from Celiac Diseases it causes an inflammation that damages the small intestine’s lining, which can lead to medical complications as well as prevent absorption of some nutrients.

So as you can imagine, as a mother wanting your children to feel good but enjoy the foods that so many kids love like pizza, chicken tenders, tortillas, etc. Gail set out to innovate the frozen food aisle and today it remains her mission to eliminate the need for consumers to ever have to choose between taste, health, and convenience.

Today CAULIPOWER is America’s favorite cauliflower crust pizza, the #1 better-for-you pizza, #1 gluten-free pizza, and fastest growing frozen pizza brand in the U.S.

I mean who doesn’t love delicious meals that are healthier AND ready in minutes. CAULIPOWER really hooks it up with their latest ‘Sick of My Own Cooking’ box. Where they not only send you their cookbook packed with 100 pages of simple recipes inspired by their CAULIPOWER consumers, they also include three of their CAULIPOWER NEW frozen Riced Cauliflower cups – one of each never-before-done flavor – three FREE CAULIPOWER coupons (yes – FREE!) good for any of their products (up to $11.99 each), a custom CAULIPOWER oven mitt and pizza cutter and a dreamy candle to keep you Zen after making your 714th meal!

CAULIPOWER sick of my own cooking box 1

There are really so many incredible and healthy recipes you can make from what they provide you in the box and be inspired by dishes from their ‘Sick of My Own Cooking’ Cookbook. I myself have been wanting to try their Sweet PotaTOASTS for a fun and healthy twist on toast. So I flipped through the book and I was inspired to try it out!

That wasn’t the only recipe I was inspired to make, I am a huge fan of rice in general and I have to be honest I have tried other cauliflower rice before and I just wasn’t a fan but I tried out CAULIPOWER’s Baja Style Riced Cauliflower cup in a breakfast bowl of mine, and I was pleasantly surprised. It was so delicious, flavors well balanced and kept me satisfied.


CAULIPOWER sick of my own cooking box 1

I liked it so much I tried out their Curried Riced Cauliflower cup with some tofu for dinner the next night and again, I couldn’t of been happier!  Perfect balance of flavors! Using their new frozen Riced Cauliflower cups  for meals saved a lot of prep and cooking time! Which is a plus in my book when you are just over cooking!

Don’t even want to bother adding all the ingredients in a bowl, grab one of their delicious pizzas with the coupon they provide! They have all different kinds of pizza though, ranging from their plain so you can choose or  flavors like their Margherita pizza, Buffalo-Style Chicken, Veggie, Three Cheese, Sriracha Veggie, and Italian Sausage & Veggie. The crust holds up, it has a great bite to it and it really allows the flavor of the pizza to stand out.

CAULIPOWER sick of my own cooking box 1

Next meal we try, will be with their perfectly soft tortillas for when we do date night and make tacos and I will report back but let me say this. I will be the first to say that, I have always been a skeptic when it comes to brands or companies doing boxes, but I have to eat my words and my veggies on this one, not only did everything they included in the box have a purpose but for the price it gave me so much more recipe ideas and meals than I thought! I really enjoyed cooking from the cookbook and eating their delicious products!

So just a recap of everything you get for only $39.95!

Exclusive ‘Sick of My Own Cooking’ Cookbook, with 100 pages of #SimpleAF recipes inspired by CAULIPOWER consumers
Three (3) of CAULIPOWER’s NEW frozen Riced Cauliflower cups – one of each never-before-done flavor
Three (3) FREE CAULIPOWER coupons (yes – FREE!) good for any of our products – up to $11.99 each
A custom CAULIPOWER oven mitt and pizza cutter
A dreamy candle to keep you zen after making your 714th meal

LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE! Be one of ONLY 500 people to get The ‘Sick Of My Own Cooking’ Box now. Boxes will be shipped late October. Grab it here

What would you make?