Breakfast Banana Split

With everything that comes along with an IVF journey, shots, pills, timelines, time frames, hormones, emotions, etc. Figuring out what to eat shouldn’t be what causes the most stress or stress at all and being [...]

Vegan Monkey Cookies

I have to admit, I would watch one of my friend’s and fellow blogger make her recipe for Monkey Cookies on her stories and they always looked so delicious to me. I kept telling myself, [...]

3 Ingredient Cookie Recipe

3 Ingredient Cookie Recipe I am going to keep this introduction paragraph as short as the recipe! Below is one of the most simple yet deliciously healthy cookie recipes you will find! I hope you [...]

Flourless Cookies

Flourless Cookies Neil and I are always looking to find healthy bites to have either before or after a workout, bike, ride, etc that is not only good for us but won’t weigh us down. [...]

Vegan Banana Bread

Vegan Banana Bread I used to make banana bread all the time, it was one of my favorite bread to make! As I have switched to eating more plant-based it is also gone over to [...]

Banana Peel Tooth Whiting

Banana Peel Tooth Whiting Using a banana peel to whiten your teeth? It actually works, just hear me out! I was a skeptic at first too, until I did my research and read up on [...]

10 Travel Snacks

10 Travel Snacks Traveling soon, choose one or all of our picks for simple and easy travel snacks. 1. A banana or apple with indivudal packets of peanut butter. 2. Store bought protein bars. 3. [...]

Simple Breakfast Sandwich

Light and Healthy Breakfast Sandwich This easy and filling breakfast sandwich is a great way to start your day! Keeping you full and providing energy to get you through that morning hump. Taking little time [...]




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