Hormone Happy Blueberry Bites

I will admit I love eating protein bars through out the day but after speaking to my prenatal nutritionist she told me to try and actually eat more whole foods for snacks, like fruits or [...]

My Fertility Salad

Such a simple and delicious salad, easy and packed with nutrients. I started making this salad when I was told I needed to add more protein and healthy fats into my diet! […]

Apple Pie Bites

There is just something about an apple pie that just makes my heart happy, it is something about the cinnamon, the bite of the apple, just the nostalgia of it all. I just love apple [...]

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

My Favorite Non-Toxic Nail Polish’s of  2021 This post may have affiliate links There are two sayings that I say a lot, and those are, ” It’s not only what you put in your body [...]

Easy Homemade Energy Bars

Easy Homemade Energy Bars These Easy Homemade Energy Bars are not only healthy but they taste amazing! They’re perfect for the road trips, daily pick me ups, school lunches or afternoon snacks. Not to mention [...]

Apple Pie Oatmeal

Apple Pie Oatmeal, breakfast, healthy recipe, oatmeal, apple pie, healthy breakfast. You will think you are having a slice of apple pie for breakfast!




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