Food and Drink: What People Order in on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day the modern day girlfriend

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With Valentines Day coming up, there are many ideas and objects that are associated with the romantic day: boxed chocolates, flowers, and reservations at the restaurant downtown. Sharing a bottle of wine paired with a creamy bowl of Italian pasta at a restaurant seems to be the idyllic Valentine’s Day that people gravitate towards. And while that may be a lovely evening, a casual night in with the people you love can be just as meaningful (if done right).

The ease of being able to pair food and wine together with your own favorite ingredients at home is a customizable and creative way to celebrate. If you are making a creamy pasty, make sure to get a white wine to complement the dish. For dessert, try out a red wine to pair well with a dessert with a milk chocolate base. The food and drink options to get at home on Valentine’s Day are endless, and a relaxed, in-home alternative to the traditional Valentine’s celebration is something that many people were drawn towards last year. In fact, the team at Postmates saw such a big increase in orders last year that they gathered the home food and drink delivery trends they saw on February 14th, 2019. 

H2: What Food Are People Ordering In? 

Valentine's Day the modern day girlfriend

The top ten merchants ordered for delivery on Valentine’s Day weren’t fancy restaurants, but fast-food chains. Chipotle takes the number one spot, with an overwhelming 74% of the orders placed at the chain coming in for their chicken burrito bowl. The customization of the burrito bowl makes it a popular choice because it could be altered into a healthier option depending on customer preference. If you happen to feel like taking the casual route this Valentine’s Day, Chipotle could be the way to go since you can cater it to your cravings. 

Shake Shack comes in second, with the most popular food item being the Shack Burger. Panda Express came in at number three, with another customizable platter taking the top spot: the build your own plate. People ordering these options might have purposely wanted to beat the busy restaurants during the holiday by ordering delivery, or they already ate out but had a small portion of food. Whatever the case, fast-food’s customizable bowls and plates during Valentine’s Day is definitely a popular choice. 

H2: What Drinks Are People Ordering?

Valentine's Day the modern day girlfriend

You know what goes well with a burger? Beer. And that’s just what people ordered — with 37% of booze deliveries on Valentine’s Day coming in for consumer’s favorite lagers or IPA’s.

Not much further behind is the wine and champagne category, one that is familiar with the holiday. If you chose to cook for two at home, the pairing of wine and a classic meal always is a good idea. The romantic and smooth aspect that wine brings will make the in-home celebration seem fancier and more intimate. 

Looking at the delivery trends, people stuck with the extremely well-known name brands when it came to drinks. With wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is extremely recognizable and was a repeated option for people across the country. Along with Cabernet Sauvignon, other big-name wines are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blan, and Pinot Noir. 

No matter what you eat or where you get it from, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to spend quality time with the people that matter the most to you. The options are endless; from beer and burgers to wine and pasta. There aren’t specific or strict guidelines to follow, and the night can be just as successful with a personalized, at-home touch (and a glass of wine, of course).


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