Fall Bark

I never really understood the obsessions with the whole Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas bark until, I started make this bark which I call Fall Bark, which transcends all of the holidays! Easy to make, easy [...]

Cinnamon bread

If there are two things that I love it would be cinnamon and bread put the two together and you have a delicious bite if you ask me.  This recipe is perfect to make as [...]

Vegan Monkey Cookies

I have to admit, I would watch one of my friend’s and fellow blogger make her recipe for Monkey Cookies on her stories and they always looked so delicious to me. I kept telling myself, [...]

3 Ingredient Cookie Recipe

3 Ingredient Cookie Recipe I am going to keep this introduction paragraph as short as the recipe! Below is one of the most simple yet deliciously healthy cookie recipes you will find! I hope you [...]

Flourless Cookies

Flourless Cookies Neil and I are always looking to find healthy bites to have either before or after a workout, bike, ride, etc that is not only good for us but won’t weigh us down. [...]

Easy Cookie Recipe

Easy Cookie Recipe: 4 Ingredient Cookie Recipe Falling back in love with my first passion, baking. Keeping the recipes realistic and relatable during this time of quartine as well as keeping the intros short! These little [...]


How To Make Nice-Cream Over making banana bread, try out this delicious yet simple banana and peanut butter Nice – Cream recipe. Not only it is crave-able it isn’t filled with a bunch of bad [...]

A good substitute for eggs

Ever since I was a little girl, I turned to baking as a stress reliever, an anxiety crusher a form of therapy. There is something so calming to me about the whole process not to mention [...]




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