Avocado Toast With Mushrooms

Lately, I have been obsessed with Avocado’s, which was so random because I used to hate avocado’s. I may be super late to the Avocado Toast game but my goodness this recipe is super delicious. [...]

5 Ways to Conquer Gym Anxiety

Making changes to live a healthier lifestyle is hard enough without worrying about being judged by people. One major roadblock keeping someone from making a healthy change like stepping foot in the gym is the [...]

Friday Finds: Your Tea (TeaTox)

Friday Finds: Your Tea ( Teatox) Have  you ever heard of a Teatox? Seen those before and after stomach selfie's on Instagram, stating how much weight they have lost by drinking tea, NO? Well I [...]

Healthy Tropical Breakfast Smoothie

Healthy Tropical Breakfast Smoothie This smoothie is one of my favorites, especially during the summer. One sip and you feel like you are relaxing on the beach somewhere, minus the hot cabana boy fanning you [...]

Raw Sugar Giveaway

Favorites: Raw Sugar Giveaway "You can change your life by changing your perspective." - Raw Sugar's mantra and one we truly stand for as well. This wonderful blend of coconut based body washes and plant-derived [...]

Spicy Cucumber Salad

Spicy Cucumber Salad This salad is a great side dish for meat and fish, it also is a wonderful light salad by itself. Ingredients:  3-4 Persian Cucumbers or 1 Large Cucumber 1/2  Tablespoon of Sesame [...]

20 Uses of Coconut Oil

20 Uses of Coconut Oil Photo | HuffingtonPost 1. A natural skin moisturizer/lotion. 2. Eye make up remover. 3.  Helps with dry skin on the bottom of your feet as well as athletes [...]