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Round-Up: My Top 4 Protein Powders

Round Up : My Top 4 Protein Powders

We are a smoothie family here, we love making smoothies whether it is our first “meal” of the day or a great snack packed with nutrients to get us through the day! We both use pea-based protein because it is just easier for both of us to digest and we believe they tend to have less “stuff” in them so you know exactly what you are taking in.

Below are my top 4  Protein Powders that we love to use in our smoothies!

Do you have a favorite Protein Powder?

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Trader Joes  Vanilla Pea Protein Powder:  

Round-Up: My Top 4 Protein Powders

I found out about this protein powder through Neil. He would always get it when we went to the store and I just brushed it off until I tried it. It is really great, the vanilla flavor is not overpowering or chalky at all like some protein powders can be. It blends super well with whatever you through it in with and it is reasonably priced for a protein powder.  I also love it because it helps create a beautifully thick smoothie that helps keep me fuller longer.

Sunwarrior Protein Powder:  

Round-Up: My Top 4 Protein Powders

I really enjoy Sunwarrior as a brand, they have great products that have extremely clean ingredients. Along with the protein powder that I enjoy they have great immunity support products like their Immune Shield.  Which is something I take every day to help keep my immune system up. Along with their Vanilla protein powder, they also have flavors like Berry , Chocolate , Mocha, & more! 

Vega Protein Powder:   

Round-Up: My Top 4 Protein Powders

I first used Vega Protein Powder after buying their protein bars which are delicious as well. In one serving you get 20 grams of premium, plant-based protein from organic pea protein, which is amazing if you ask me! Along with their Vanilla flavor protein powder, they have a great   Chocolate Flavor.

Garden Of Life Sport Protein Powder: 

Round-Up: My Top 4 Protein Powders

Again this protein powder I was introduced to by Neil. It is a great protein powder that I enjoy adding to my smoothies after a really hard workout because Garden Of Life Sport Protein Powder  provides nutrients that help support the repair and refuel of muscles, promotes faster recovery, helps support the immune system and has no added sugars. One serving provides about 30 grams of plant-based protein! Along with their Vanilla flavor protein powder, they have a great   Chocolate Flavor as well.


My Overall Review

These four plant-based protein powders are my go to’s if I can’t get one I will go with the other. I enjoy each one for the benefits they add to my smoothies, etc. They are not chalky or too sweet. These for me have blended well and continue to help fuel me throughout my day. We prefer them over any whey protein powder so if you are looking to try out a new protein powder, I would highly recommend any of the four above. They are easy to digest and delicious to consume!


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Trader Joes  Vanilla Pea Protein Powder

Vega Protein Powder   

Sunwarrior Protein Powder 

Garden Of Life Protein Powder