Sprinkle Oreo’s


A fun and colorful twist on a childhood favorite. We have a confession to make, we love us an Oreo! They have come up with so many different flavors it sometimes is hard to keep track! Oreos are so easily adaptable  to different flavors and themes. You can decorate for holidays, baby showers, birthdays, etc. This week we chose sprinkles!


1 pack of Double stuff Oreos

1 case of sprinkles

1 case of frosting (optional)

1/2 cup of water


A small paint brush


You can start with Oreos in the case, we like to use the water & brush technique because it cuts calories but others like to pipe more frosting on the sides. Either way coat the side of the cookie.

In a bowl place sprinkles, roll Oreo around, you can lift the bowl allowing sprinkles to get into the frosting. Once covered with your finger push in the sprinkles. Let sit & enjoy or pack them up for a friend, party, gift.


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