Mocktail Mimosa

I am a champagne girl at heart and tequila but that’s another blog post but amongst my girlfriend’s I have been known to be a bubbly boss so it maybe obviously that mimosas are one [...]

Mocktail: Grapefruit Fizz

Every weekend Neil and I do a date night in, yes we make dinner together at home the other nights of the week  but this night we make it a little more special. We tend [...]

Whipped Spicy Feta Dip

This spicy dip is a love letter to my nouna ( God Mother in Greek) and my thets ( aunt – she is my other God Mother) gave them two different names, so no one [...]

Easy Holiday Side Dishes

Whether you are hosting a holiday party, attending a holiday party. Side dishes can be just as important as the entree over the holidays! That’s why I put together my top 5 easy holiday side [...]

One Pot Holiday Dish Ideas

Don’t stress yourself out this holiday season with figuring out how you are going to host, clean and cook the epic feast. I got you covered with some of my go to one pot holiday dish [...]

Holidays With Hickory Farms

  As we all know the holidays come with a lot of nostalgia and certain traditions that make us feel like we are home. Hosting this year’s Friendsgiving, I asked each of my friend’s if there [...]




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