Travel Hack | How To  Pack For  A Week In A Carry On

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Recently on m Instagram, @moderndaygf I shared the finished product of how I packed for a week in one carry on. I got such a great response that I said I would share how I did it here on The Modern Day Girlfriend, so to keep this short and sweet, take a moment to check out my Modern Day


Travel Hacks on How to Pack For A Week In A Carry On! 

1.Make a checklist!

travel packing

Don’t have one click here to download your free travel checklist!

2.Plan Your Outfits!

fashion hack travel the modern day girlfriend

This helps overpacking!

3.Pack Your Clothes In Your Clothes!

This is so  important to create space! HOw To Pack In A Carry On For One Week!

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4.Place items in your shoes!

( Remember to put your shoes in Ziploc so the bottoms don’t touch your clothes) Yucky!

5.Don’t Pack Shampoo, Conditioner, or Body Soap.

Typically if you are traveling to a hotel or someone’s home they will more than likely have these products for you to use!

6.Keep Liquids All Together!

7.Wear Your Heavy Clothes To The Aiport!

travel hack

Typically the airport will be colder than it is outside and hopefully, airport the airplane will be cool as well! ( fingers crossed) but I like to wear my jackets airport because not only can I use it to keep me warm but I can use it as a pillow or seat cover so my head doesn’t have to touch the seat!

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