airport hacks

The idea of traveling is already stressful enough so when it comes to actually booking a ticket and arriving at the airport let me help you ease the stress of making it to your terminal on time with my  10 top my airport hacks! 

10 Airport Hacks That Make Traveling Less Stressful.

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1. Your Ticket:  Typically after you have booked your ticket, the airlines will send you a confirmation and or your ticket via email or text. Screenshot your ticket and set it as your lock screen to make going through security and the gate easier.

2. Security Line: Try out the left lane to get through security faster, typically people tend to use the right lane because there are far more right-handed people in the world than left-handed people.

3. Your Car: If you happened to not Uber it this trip, take a picture of your parking space number and if you see any signs that say where you are like a letter C highlighted in yellow.



4.Water Bottles: We all know you can’t bring a full water bottle through security, but you can bring an empty one. Once you are through security, you can fill up your water bottle with water instead of buying those overly charged water bottles from an airport store.

5. Check Your Time: Use the  “My TSA” App for Current Wait Times to Plan Your Trip. Using the  My TSA app, you will place your airport information in the search box to discover that & more.

6. Weigh it out: An old but goodie, weigh your bags at home to prevent any extra charges and hold up time at check-in.

7. Track It: Whether you travel a lot or not much at all  doesn’t mean the airport won’t lose your bag this time around, it is always good to invest in something like a luggage locator 

8. Snack smarter not more expensively: As long as you aren’t bringing the whole supermarket in your bad, you bring dry snacks like nuts or candy bars in your carry-on bag to prevent hanger and hundreds over dollars being spent on airport food.

9. Zip me up Scotty: I always bring an extra jacket and either tie it around my waist or around my bag. I do this for a couple of reasons. More often than not the places I travel to are colder than where I came from, the plane gets cold, I use it to cover my seat so I don’t rest my head on the bare seat.

10. Keep Clean: This one if more just to help keep you “protected” from all the germs that lurk around at airports! Using a Q-tip put a small amount of Polysporin in your nose to coat the inside of your nostrils this seemingly creates a little barrier to help prevent catching something, etc. Last but not least always pack hand sanitizer!

What are some of your airport hacks!