Invaluable Tips For Anyone Who Has Ever Over-packed 1

If your suitcase is starting to look more like a tangled mess of unnecessary sunglasses and shoes and less like a case full of your actual clothing essentials, it may be time to reframe your getaway preparation.

Nothing shouts “vacation” quite like a suitcase packed to the brim with your favorite possessions ready to accompany you on your next big journey. But while you might be tempted to bring your entire closet with you during your travels, reduce the stress of heavy suitcases full of wrinkly blouses by preparing a neat display of your wardrobe that saves you valuable time on clothing preparation during your time away.

Keep your suitcase under control with these seven simple trips that’ll prepare you for smooth sailing — or flying, driving or any other mode of transportation, that is.

Invaluable Tips for Anyone Who Has Ever Over-Packed 

                             Invaluable Tips For Anyone Who Has Ever Over-packed 2

1. Arrange Your Outfits Beforehand

You might have a vision in your head of what you want to wear, but do you really plan or wearing those neon floral pants with that green and red striped shirt?

Make a plan, or even a checklist, to make sure all of your outfits match and fit your desired aesthetic. Set your clothing aside and iron the wrinkles out, too. Once you place everything on a hanger, try hanging all of your clothes on a hook to see precisely how they’re look together beforehand. Take a step back, eliminate unwanted styles, and put the keepers neatly inside your suitcase for easy access.

2. Choose Versatile Clothing Pieces

Interchangeable clothing articles should be your new best friend. It’s hard not to take your whole wardrobe with you wherever you go, even if you’ll only be gone for a week — at most. Because one of the top causes of over-packing is, well, packing too much, it’s essential to choose the clothing pieces that make it to your suitcase wisely.

Choose at least one high-quality piece of clothing like a leather jacket that you’re guaranteed to match with any outfit. Always choose black, white, and neutral shades to fit seamlessly with any article of clothing you want to wear.


3. Roll, Don’t Pack

So you might be tempted to jam that last pair of leggings into your suitcase, but when did that ever turn out nicely for you before? You might arrive at your destination with a case full of clothing, but what good are those outfits if they turn out a snagged, wrinkly, and disastrous mess?

When it comes to suitcase preparation, remember to roll — not pack. Carefully tuck sleeves under each shirt and tightly roll each article into a neat bundle.

Still don’t have your rolling skills down to a tee? Watch a visual demonstration that allows you to pack your daily essentials properly so that they emerge from your suitcase the way you left them.

                           Invaluable Tips for Anyone Who Has Ever Over-Packed 

4. Leave the Accessories at Home

If you have a habit of filling one suitcase with scarves, jewelry, and bags alone, opt to follow the mantra that less is more.

Most accessories will be unnecessary during your travels — especially if you plan an active adventure where frivolous additions would only serve to hold you down. If you’re attending an event that requires extra-pampering, such as a wedding or party, stick to the “rule of twos.”

Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes, two sets of earrings, etc. As long as you pack two contrasting pieces, you’ll find yourself prepared to face any situation with a stylish look suitable for any event.

5. Know the Weather Beforehand

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While packing your bags, it’s important to ask yourself, “do I really need that fur-lined parka when I’m packing my bags for the beaches in Cancun?”

If you’re traveling to a new city, state, or country, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the weather that defines your new vacation location beforehand. Consider downloading a weather app for your phone so that you quickly access the forecast wherever you go.

Remember only to pack clothing that’s appropriate for the climate where you’ll be venturing. If your trip consists of snow-capped mountains and icy hills, skip the shorts and pack warm winter clothing instead.

6. When it Comes to Beauty, keep it Small

From shampoos to perfumes, don’t expect to pack your whole vanity with you wherever you go. If you’re only preparing for a weekend trip or several weeks stay, you’ll find that miniature-sized shampoo bottles and beauty products are the ideal way to go.

When you pack full-sized lotions, perfumes, and conditions, you risk spilling these liquids onto your precious clothing accessories. Remember to use small travel-portion products while traveling to free up valuable storage space in your suitcase, too.

7. Skip the “I Might Need it” Items

It’s no secret that most travelers pack a little too many accessories when they go on vacation. You never know when you might need that cheetah print scarf or those high heel shiny red platform pumps, right? Well, maybe not so much.

If you can’t see yourself wearing a specific shirt or clothing accessory, simply leave it at home. If you realize that you forgot to pack your favorite two-piece bikini, then use it as the perfect excuse to go souvenir shopping instead. A few reasons to go shopping are always preferable to a cluttered and disorganized mess.

If you’re a self-proclaimed over-packer, transform your preparation habits by reducing the clutter and preparing a neat and organized suitcase instead. You’ll save valuable time in preparation so that you can spend your day focusing on your journey ahead, too.

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