fall workout the modern day girlfriend
Real talk,  I am not a person who enjoys a workout class.  I literally cringe at the idea of it. I think it is because it reminds me of when I was younger and I suffered with  my learning difference. There was a teacher that made my life a living hell! She  would always pick on me and  point out what I was doing wrong to the entire class so whenever I enter a similar situation I tend to freeze up.
However with that said,  I have learned along the way that I can’t let that fear of being picked on, pointed out or the center of attention,  stop me from trying new things or  the ability to get into shape. That’s why when I moved to San Diego, I made it a priority to find a workout class, that not only would help me stay active but  get me into better shape and  also help me work past my extreme fear of workout classes. This is  where The Dailey Method comes in!

The other week I tried The Dailey Method here in San Diego, they have other locations too, find the
closest one near you on their website, thedailymethod.com.
The Dailey Method is a group workout class that focuses on the power of listening to your body and purposeful movement! Real talk, my fear was alive and well when I entered the class, heck even a little bit during the class but the fear quickly disappeared into this incredible strength and awe in myself!
 It was like this feeling of strength that came from intense yet controlled, focused movements! I was in control of body! I also loved, and I mean loved the fact that each exercise is followed by a series of active stretches. I often forget the benefits of stretching after working out!
fall workout the modern day girlfriend
 Like I said before The Dailey Method is all about “the importance of listening to your body and going only as far as you can in that moment, focusing on the depth of your position and resetting!” Which I love because even though you have an instructor they are to help not make you feel less than! I can’t tell you how many other workout classes I’ve gone too and I shake when they call people out, whether individually or in a group!
Which is why I love that  on their site when you sign up they let you know if you feel uncomfortable with hands-on adjustments to tell your teacher before class!  “It’s about you and what you can do TODAY.”

They  encourage our students to take 3-4 classes a week in order to learn The Dailey Method, gain muscle memory and see the amazing results The Dailey Method  can bring you!

A little more about The Dailey Method

fall workout the modern day girlfriend

The Dailey Method  Barre and Barre + Cycle studios as the best barre and cycle workout. They are releasing circular bands this week which will up the intensity in classes. And their Global Align & Shine 21 Day Challenge starts 10/9 – 10/29 (free for members, special package pricing for non members) and they have a Wellness Retreat this fall in November that they are looking to sell out. That retreat is all inclusive, in Calistoga, CA at a resort & spa and offers classes, nutrition advice and r & r. They also are revamping their Dailey Online platform (mid September) and pushing people to subscribe to continue their workouts at home when they can’t make it to the studio. They will be offering a 21 day pass for the Align & Shine challenge for only $9 as well as a TDM Wellness Guide (complete with 21 days of workout plans, recipes and grocery lists) for only $21.

Find a class near you, at  The Dailey Method.com