If you have followed the blog for a while or me on social media at @moderndaygf, you know that I am open about how my smile isn’t my favorite thing but I have learned to love it for exactly what is!

One reason, is that I learned to love the things I saw as my flaws because they aren’t flaws, but things that make me unique, another reason I started to love my smile, was that I finally found a toothbrush that works! Which makes sense because Oral – B is the  #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide!

I am going to get real for a second, my teeth have this canny ability to build up plaque and get stains. I don’t know why, but they just do! That’s why I am super particular about what type of products I use on them! I have not only been a loyal customer of Oral B throughout the years, but a fan too!  

That’s why I am super excited to have partnered up with Oral-B this holiday season to share with you a product that I USE and LOVE! If you know me at all, you know I don’t promote anything I don’t try or use! I’ve been using Oral-B’s new advanced toothbrush-the Genius 8000. It has intense cleaning technology that could literally save you in dental bills!

The toothbrush is amazing for so many reasons, and I’m not trying to blow smoke, but it’s kind of amazing that you can customize your cleaning like the Bluetooth feature that allows you to pick your own LED colors! There is also the fact that the toothbrush can detect the exact part of the mouth that you’re cleaning with each twist of your hand! It sends feedback from the pressure sensor, timer and more!

I truly enjoy using this toothbrush because you can see the effects immediately. It’s also like a fun game to play with yourself like you want to beat your record each time! Honestly, the first time I tried it I had no idea you really should be brushing for two minutes every time you brush your teeth! HELLO, WAKE UP CALL! Now each morning and night I take those two minutes and focus on my smile!