Fall Cocktails

The Perfect Fall Cocktails Is the autumn breeze giving you chills? One of my favorites ways to warm up  during the cooler months is to cuddle up with my friends or that special someone and [...]

Happy Hour Cocktail Share

I am so excited to share this Happy Hour Cocktail share with a really fun and inspiring modern day influencer! Maria Provenzano is truly a modern day girlfriend, sharing her personal stories, recipes, tips and crafts on [...]

The Screwdriver

The Screwdriver Orange and cinnamon have to be one of my favorite flavor combinations, throw in a little Tito's Vodka and you've got one happy camper! Ingredients: Serves 2 3 ounces vodka 3 ounces organic [...]

The Paloma

The Paloma The Paloma has to been one of my favorite cocktails, super simple and easy to make the flavors are refreshing and invigorating. You can't really go wrong when you mix tequila and grapefruit [...]

Fresh Strawberry Margarita

Fresh Strawberry Margarita I love spending time in the kitchen with my mom Cristina Ferrare, in the kitchen. Ever since we were little we  wanted to help her in the kitchen. As we grew older, [...]

Skinny Margarita

Summer Time: Skinny Margarita No matter what time of year it is, this skinny margarita is one of my favorite go to cocktails. So simple to make you can ask you local bartender to make [...]

Blackberry Tequila Mint Fizz

Blackberry Tequila Mint Fizz Summer is coming up, so throw on your bathing suit  and fix yourself a refreshing poolside cocktail. This Blackberry Tequila Mint Fizz is sure to help beat the heat as you [...]




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