Summer Time: Skinny Margarita


No matter what time of year it is, this skinny margarita is one of my favorite go to cocktails. So simple to make you can ask you local bartender to make it when you go out or even better you can make it yourself at home, with these simple ingredients!


  1. 2 large lemons
  2. 1.5 ounces of Patron
  3. 1 cup of tonic water
  4. 1 lime
  5. 1 cup of ice
  6. 1- 2 packets of Truvia (depending on how sweet you like it!)

* I am more of a tart girl!


In a blender, add one cup of ice and squeeze in  lemons and lime. Pour water and sugar packets of Truvia and blended till incorporated. Fill your glass and enjoy!


T: Moderndaygf

F: The Modern Day Girlfriend 


P: The Modern Day Girl Friend