California Donuts

IMG_3340 With the cupcake craze behind us, donuts are coming back with full vengeance. Taking their rightful spots in the hearts of the American people and California Donuts is leading the way.


Not being able to sleep one night, I was scrolling through Instagram, as one does when they can’t sleep…Everyone does that, right? Well anyways, I instantly got hungry, maybe scrolling through food on Instagram late at night isn’t such a good idea! Who am I kidding, it’s a brilliant idea!

I found myself, drooling over these pictures of donuts covered in my childhood favorites treats , Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, Nerds, M & M’s and more! Did I mention, they don’t stop their they also have a Snickers donut, and they place a full Snickers candy bar inside the donut! I KNOW!!!!!


Not only is this dream of a donut shop filled with delicious treats, it is open 24/7. I would advise to call ahead to make sure that the flavor you want is available, as these bad boys fly off the shelves!

Moral of the story, if you are ever find yourself in Los Angeles, California we highly suggest you stop by California Donuts.

Suggested Flavors:

S’mores Cronut

Peanut Butter and Pretzel Cronut

Snickers Donut

Nerd Donut

Crumb Donut

IMG_4107 California Donuts Address:

3540 W 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 385-3318

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