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Someone once told me,  “Your twenties are about finding what you love &  your thirties are about finding who you love to share it with.” Yes, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but more often than not, the dreaded  “where is my life going” questions pop up. You feel alone and uncertain of the world around you. Are you making the right choices? Are you at the right job? Are you in love or just feel love? Are you searching for someone to complete you when you aren’t complete yourself?

When making decisions in life, we tend to try to see the bigger picture first instead of the small steps that we need to take that will lead us there. In some cases this is completely fine to do, but not when it comes to your relationships, job, or life goals.

“Make sure you are running towards something instead of running away from something.”- Dr. Phil.

It’s okay not to know exactly what you want to do in life, some people know the moment they are born and other’s it hits them when the kids are out of the house. Life is about constantly learning, growing and finding yourself. Many people think that the road to success is a straight point, which is certainly never the case. Yes, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but life doesn’t work out that way. It is all about the twist and turns that make  you successful not only in your personal life, but also your professional life as well.

Seemingly, people find it hard to grasp the lesson in the moment, being in a bad break up, a loss of job, etc. We tend to try and find the answer of why we must go through it, instead of allowing ourselves to feel it and learn from it later. Life is all about timing, even though you might want something really bad right now, it doesn’t always work out that way. Don’t beat yourself up over it, if it doesn’t work out because in a year from now you will be able to look back on it and be able to see that the “circumstance” needed to happen so you could be better prepared for what life is offering you NOW!

The only constant in life is change & I think once we are truly able to understand that we can then roll with the punches instead of bracing ourselves for them. In an earlier post we discuss the idea about ” What About Me” , the idea of life moving forward with or with out you, your friends are getting married and you are at home on a Friday night catching up on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. (Which we love) but we discuss the importance of loving yourself first before you can love anyone else.

Too often in relationships, people settle because they believe it is what they are supposed to be doing because society is forcing it down their throat or they are just tired of being single. They walk down the aisle in hopes that their dreams of fulfillment are at the end waiting for them.  Realizing years later, through the better or worse they no longer share the same values, morals or outlook on life . The real questions is did they ever?

Although everything sounds great on paper, you can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been. We are not saying that everyone will relate to this post or even agree but we wanted to share with the ones that do, no matter what age you are. You are not alone , it’s  okay to question where your life is going, to grow and learn, make decision bad or good, life is a continuous growing process.

So to bring it all back around, follow what you love, don’t make excuses of why or why not’s, believe that your life has a purpose because it does. Grow from the down falls and relish in the good but remember it all happens for a reason. You might not see it now but when you do turn around to look back on the life you lived, the puzzle will make sense.



Photo Cred: @thetruhfulword

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