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Whether you stumbled upon this blog via the internet, follow me on my Instagram, @moderndaygf, receive the newsletter or have ever met me in person, it’s safe to say that you quickly notice my passion for helping animals and that my rescue dog Tater Tot  is my world. When they say, “who rescued who?” couldn’t be truer at least for me in this instance. 

Tater Tot  came into at the perfect time, I wasn’t even looking to adopt a dog as I lost my dog Bella, almost a year prior. I still had not overcome the pain of that loss but if you know anything about me, dogs are my everything.

Not ready to adopt but thinking about it, I was put in contact with an incredible rescue in Los Angeles, called Love Leo Rescue,  by one of my dear friends Katherine Schwarzenegger  who not only the person I credit giving me the opportunity to be Tater Tot’s   mommy but who inspired me to write this blog post.  

ways to help animals in need

Rescuing Tater Tot  has not only been a true life savior but probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done and that’s why I felt it important to share this message of ways to help other animals in need.

You will never know who will end up saving who.

5 Easy Ways To Help Animals In Need

1.Donate Supplies:

Like toys, beds, sheets, cleaning supplies, leashes, collars, etc. I recently learned while visiting some animal shelter sites that they have wishlists that you can order from and have the items shipped directly.

2.Donate Your Time/ Volunteer: 

Easier said than done because it can be hard to see all of these animals in need but animal rescue groups and shelters are always looking for more hands. Whether it is to take the dogs for a walk, grooming, socializing them or even helping with an adoption event.  There are plenty of ways to give of your time and it’s all up to you!

Here are some that are in the Los Angeles/ San Diego Area, where I am from and live now.


ways to help animals in need

3. Foster an animal for adoption:

Fostering dogs can be and is if you ask me one of the most rewarding ways to help animals in need. Tater Tot  was my foster fail as I ended up adopting her but that hasn’t stopped me from helping others by fostering to adopt. Which means you can take care of a dog in your home, which brings them out of the shelter, rescue into your loving home until they find their FURever home. It has such a positive impact on them and you can tell they are beyond grateful.

4. Share On Social Media:

Whether you have social media platform or all, use this to help spread the word! Retweet, repost, we all know the power of social media so let’s use it for good!


5. Donate money:

The good old fashion way of sending money. This can never go out of style and is extremely helpful as well. Fun fact as well most donations will be tax deductible.

ways to help animals in need

How will you or how have you helped an animal in need, comment below and let’s help our fur babies!