Hi friends, I hope you have enjoyed being part of our wedding journey so far! I have loved every minute of connecting and learning with and from you! If you have been following me here or on my blog for a while you know how I love to find both pieces both affordable and investment pieces, whether it is from outfits to home decor, that’s why when it comes to our wedding nothing is different!

That’s why today, on the blog I am sharing with you what we are planning on saving on and things we planning on splurging on. I’m going to share the things we’re saving on and the things we’re splurging on. I hope this helps you or inspired you if you are planning your wedding or want to keep this in your back pocket for later!



The venue will probably be the most expensive thing on your budget! Which during our process was the most shocking part! Part of me is shocked by how places take advantage of people’s special day but I understand why people spend the money on it! Neil and I have done our research and boy that took a long time but so so worth it!

There are so many options to choose from whether it is the day of, a month before, a year before! Take your pick! There are so many things to think about when you get married so take that burden off your shoulders!

Music, a dance floor is extremely important to Neil and me! We spent the whole night we met dancing! That’s why having a DJ is relly important to Neil and I and we know will set the tone for our reception. Doing our homework on the matter, the best was reaching out to our friends and family!


You want to find a photographer, photographers that you can freely be yourself around. I’m not saying go ham and spend all your budget on the photos but they will be something you will have for the rest of your life!

What we’re saving on:


Don’t get me wrong, brides should spend whatever they feel comfortable with not only on their wedding but their dress! I of course want to feel beautiful on my wedding day but I also know I will only be wearing this dress once so spending an extreme amount of money on something I will wear once, doesn’t appeal to me but every bride is different! You can check places like David’s Bridal where they have an incredible amount of dresses to choose from and are affordable!


There are a lot of great invites out there but not all invites are created equal. I have browsed many, I even shared some on here before! . I highly recommend browsing Minted, Paperless Post, Pinterest, Etsy, and Instagram.

I’m so happy I get to share all of this with you guys.

What are your must-splurges for your wedding and how are you saving? 

xo, the modern day girlfriend