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Well, sure, the universe can conspire and send your would-be soulmate knocking on your door. You might even bump into him on your way to work, or share a table with him at your go-to restaurant near your office or home. Then again, maybe he is a bit further afield and just waiting to be found.

What we’re trying to say is that for you to find your soulmate, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone. One way you can do this is by traveling. If you are having no success at home, your prospective soulmate might not be living in the same area code, in-state, or even in the same country. Don’t put your life on hold waiting for “The One”. Follow the advice by Thought Catalog writer Sylvia Salow, and “live your life fully”. Not only will traveling help you find your one true love, it will also broaden your horizons, making you even more attractive.

should I travel the world to find my soulmate
All things considered, you might want to think about a journey to a new country, especially the places listed by Travelers Today, which are considered the best destinations to meet a soulmate. Included on the list are Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Philippines (Boracay), Italy (Rome), and France (Paris). Going abroad is the best way to meet new people because striking up friendships (and romances) is part of the experience.

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Finding “The One” is clearly a universal longing, as who wouldn’t want to find their perfect match. Unsurprisingly, this desire to find a soulmate has become reality TV fodder, with producers all around the world taking advantage of people’s interest in finding the perfect partner. The MTV series Are You the One? is a classic example. A group of young singletons are given the opportunity to find their respective soulmate, and a computer algorithm decides which couples are “a perfect match.” Unfortunately, none of the couples deemed a perfect match by the algorithm got together in real life, and this illustrates just how difficult it is to find the right match. But some of these shows do have happy endings. The British reality show Love Island proves that finding the perfect partner while abroad can indeed happen. Ladbrokes reports that Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer had a rocky start, but the couple clicked and went on to win the show. Big deal you might be thinking, as reality TV shows aren’t as real as they pretend to be right? In this case the real life partners are still going strong, with Dyer telling Good Morning Britain that she and her beau are near inseparable. “It’s horrible being apart from each other,” she said of their relationship. Dani and Jack’s whirlwind romance may have been far from traditional, but it is working. If it does succeed, it will be because they both decided to think outside of the box, get out of their comfort zone, and travel away from home.

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So, should you travel to find your soulmate? We say yes, and you ought to do it now. Go on, give yourself a chance to find that one person written in the stars for you! And in case we’ve convinced you to do so, you can check out our ‘10 Airport Hacks That Make Traveling Less Stressful’ post. The tips we gave in that article will sure come in handy once you decide to expand your horizons.

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