3 Texting Habits That Make You Seem Clingy

If there is one thing I’ve learned when it comes to dating in the digital age, it’s that even though we are so easily connected to one another, it does not mean we constantly have to be connected to each other. This reasoning holds especially true with our significant other. It seems like I have dated them “all” by now. From the guys who want to talk constantly throughout the day to the guys who care more about communicating when we are together, I have experienced every type of texting behavior. Some guys prefer talking in person rather than communicating via text. To these guys, texting when we were apart didn’t define our relationship.

Regardless of different communication styles, I feel that instant gratification and connectivity of a text messaging has become a huge part and problem in today’s relationships.  The constant need for communication can come off as “clingy” for both men and women, which if never good in any relationship. Whether you are just trying to see how their day is going, or there is a deeper trust issue involved, communicating through text can blur those lines.

Whatever the case may be I want to share some texting habits that your partner might interpret as clingy. After asking a handful of both my guy friends and my girl friends, here are the three top texting turn offs that appear clingy to your partner.

Where Are You & What Are You Doing?

People in relationships tend to discuss their days with each other early on in the morning, so there is no real need to continuously ask your partner what they are doing throughout the day. Whether these questions are asked together or separate, try not to ask your partner unless there is a specific reason or need to know.

??? Followed up with OKAY THAN

Unless you are asking a life or death question, or it is a time sensitive matter- avoid the solo question mark. A lone question mark also doesn’t help you express yourself clearly to your partner. As we have talked about before, tone can get lost through text. Don’t add fuel to the fire and speak in symbols. Following the “?” up with an “okay than” just shows annoyance. Would you want to respond to someone with attitude? I didn’t think so.

Stalking Their Snapchat

New apps are being created that connect us in more ways than we ever thought possible. Don’t let all of these new communication methods consume or define your actual physical connection with someone. Snapchat represents 15 seconds of someone’s life and many things can be taken out of context. If something you saw really bothers you, ask away. However, if you are confident in yourself and your relationship just let that story play to completion and move on to the next story!

What are some of your texting turn offs?

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