Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz was my signature drink at our wedding and Neil's was a margarita both of these drinks are truly part of our love story and on our honeymoon we had maybe 2-3 Aperol [...]

Easy Spring Cocktails

Three Easy Spring Cocktails We love a good cocktail in this household and with Spring and Summer coming up and it’s looking like we can safely starting having outdoor gatherings, what better way to “celebrate” [...]

5 Saint Patricks Day Cocktails

 Saint Patricks Day Cocktails It's about that time of year when we're all looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, wish  and hoping we have something green in our closetso [...]

Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

Birthday Edition: Friday Favorites This Friday Favorites is a special one because over the weekend I will be celebrating my 19th birthday! JUST KIDDING…… I wish! Like they always say, “Another year older, another year [...]

Friday Favorite

Friday Favorite Happy (almost) weekend! I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Keeping in proper Friday Favorite form here are my some of my favorites from the past week! Favorite Snack: Avocado Toast Via What's [...]

9 Great Girl’s Night In Ideas

Girl’s Night In Ideas Via herfashionbox.com   Often times as women we are so busy pouring ourselves into our partners, jobs, family, etc that we forget to take time for our girlfriends. Girl [...]

The Paloma

The Paloma The Paloma has to been one of my favorite cocktails, super simple and easy to make the flavors are refreshing and invigorating. You can't really go wrong when you mix tequila and grapefruit [...]




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