Three Easy Spring Cocktails

We love a good cocktail in this household and with Spring and Summer coming up and it’s looking like we can safely starting having outdoor gatherings, what better way to “celebrate” than with some drinks, plus a bonus mocktail!

Below are three of my favorite Easy Spring Cocktails for 2021

Fresh Lemon and Mint Gin and Tonics With Chamomile Ice Cubes

summer cocktails


As you know I love all the benefits of lemon and mint individually and together so when I found this cocktail for a Fresh Lemon and Mint Gin Tonic With Chamomile Ice Cubes, I jumped at the chance of making it. I will tell you it doesn’t disappoint, perfect for  Spring, it is so refreshing. I highly recommend making this for a brunch, bridal shower or even baby shower, for the guest not the mama!

Get the recipe here 


spring cocktails the modern day girlfriend


Update the traditional with howsweeteats,  Rose Hibiscus Mimoas! Not only are the flavors perfect for Spring the flavors pair perfectly with the weather, refreshing and beautiful just like you!

Grab the recipe here 

Skinny Pineapple and Jalapeno Infused Vodka Cocktail

spring cocktails the modern day girlfriend

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This one is for my spicy ladies and gentlemen, who love a cocktail that packs a punch. The flavors are perfect for summer and I like switch up the vodka to tequila from time to time.

Grab the recipe here 


Mango Mocks-cow Mule

spring cocktails Mango Mocks-cow Mule

Whether you don’t drink, don’t want to drink or are pregnant this Mango Mocks-cow Mule happens to be one of my favorite drinks in general it is so refreshing and just perfect for the spring and summer months! This is a definite winner.

Get the recipe here 

What’s one of your favorite  spring  cocktails/mocktail?