Recently, one of my besties and I took a trip up to The Ojai Valley Inn where we enjoyed some downtime to recharge and reconnect! We had the best time to took in everything Ojai and the Inn had to offer! Truly you guys there is something so magical about this not so little piece of tranquility!

Nestled into a secluded valley 35 miles south of Santa Barbara, The Ojai Valley Inn is truly a hidden gem of California! From the moment you drive up to the Inn, you are quickly transported to some far away land that’s a beautiful mix of Spanish colonial homes and the Italian countryside.

The grounds are just beautiful, which you can take in either by walking or riding around on one of their many bikes that are located around the property!

The Inn offers a unique way to do just that, they call it, Picnic & Pedal. Picnic & Pedal has to be the most picture-perfect way to take in the Inn and even the rest of Ojai but first, you will want to hop on your bike and head over to Libbey’s! Where you can pack some delicious bites & a bottle of wine for your ride!

Visiting or staying at The Ojai Valley Inn is truly a treat within itself. The Inn offers so many one of a kind experiences like beekeeping, artisan workshops, energy healing, and let’s not forget about their spa!

Honestly, if you are able to or have the time to check out their spa and book any treatments, you will be giving yourself a great gift!

At least that’s how it felt for us! I literally received one of the best massages I ever had, and we both tried out their newest addition to the spa, the meditation pods! Which were like little spaceships to your zen!

It doesn’t stop there, either! Don’t have time to check out the spa, do yourself a favor and try to stop for a bite at one of their restaurants like The Oak! Depending on the time of the day you can sit down to a delicious brunch, scrumptious lunch and a delectable, melt in your mouth dinner! Our first day there we dined on a brunch, unlike ones we had before filled with fluffy waffles, perfectly prepped eggs and the staff that couldn’t be more kind!

I can go on and on about the Ojai Valley Inn, if you have been looking for a place to relax and reconnect with yourself, I highly suggest you check out their website! Click here   Weekend or weekday, gift yourself and the ones you love with a beautiful memory made at the Inn!

PS WE DEFINITELY are looking into this place for a possible wedding venue but shh!