5 Fast & Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet

spring clean your closet

I love this time of year not only because I love everything that has to do with Spring but Spring cleaning is like therapy for me! With our recent move to San Diego, it gave me a chance to really reevaluate what I had/ have in my closet. That’s why I wanted to share my fast and easy ways to Spring clean your closet.  

My Quick Guide: Spring Clean Your Closet In 5 Easy Steps

1.Doesn’t Fit Anymore:

spring clean your closet

This might be simpler said than done but whether it is too big or too small, toss it! Yes I know you might have that one pair of jeans you want to get back into and that’s fine keep those but just one pair!!

2.Hang it Up:

Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Place your hangers the opposite way when you put your clothes back into your closet after you wore them and if after 6 months or a year you still have clothes that are facing the “starting” way get rid of those items that are on those hangers!

3.See it, say it, wear it or toss it!

If you keep saying you will wear it but you never do, give yourself the 6 months rule and toss it after 6 months if you have not worn it.

4.HOLE lot of nothing!

If it has holes in it or you say you will get it fixed but never get around to doing it, get rid of it!

5.Your oldie goodies.

spring clean your closet

Toss any old underwear, it is always a good idea to get a few new pairs every 6 months to a year. Treat yourself!

BONUS: 4 Things You Can Do With Old Clothes Instead Of Tossing Them In The Trash!

  1. Donate them to places like the Goodwill or Dress For Sucess
  2. Give them to your siblings, friends, etc.
  3. Make dog beds from them.
  4. Use old shirts as rags to clean around the house.

Are you a Spring Cleaner, let me know below and if you have any tips to share!