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Recently, I asked via  my Instagram stories over on @moderndaygf if you had any Podcasts I should listen to on my drives to and from San Diego to LA and one of those suggestions was Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy Podcast. Fast forward a couple of weeks, you could only imagine my pure and utter delight when I had the chance to actually “interview” her about her new book, “A Tribe Called Bliss.” Talk about manifesting things!

 Check out my interview with Lori Harder below and where you can get her new book,“A Tribe Called Bliss.”


Modern Monday Motivation With Lori Harder 

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What inspired you to write “A Tribe Called Bliss” now?

As a young girl, I was raised in a restrictive religion where I was not allowed to associate with kids outside of my religion.  This led me to spend a lot of time alone since there were not many kids or kids I connected to. I took on the belief that I was better off alone a way to protect myself and this carried into my adult years as  I began to accomplish goals later on in life, and even though I was creating an amazing life, I was truly lonely, disconnected and felt I had taken myself as far as I could go on my own.  I had one of my fitness coaches tell me it was “lonely at the top” and this made me question whether or not I even wanted to go there if that is what it felt like. This refusal to believe that we would be punished, isolated or targeted by “mean girls” for living our dreams is what forced me to create tribes of supportive women in my life and it completely changed the game for me. After accelerating my goals and feeling happier, deeply connected and more supported than I ever have through these relationships I knew I had to share how I went from nothing to everything through this method.

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What are three things you would tell your 25-year-old Lori?

Do not change who you are or your dreams to fit inside someone else’s box.  Create your own damn box instead. Make that box big enough and invite all your friends and take over that industry or change the way things are done.  Do not conform and feed broken methods that don’t feel like a fit for your soul – you will never be able to sustain your happiness if you do. Create what you wish existed and don’t stop until it’s your reality.

Stop stressing.  It gets you nowhere.  Stress cuts you off from your happiness and creativity. Even the failures aren’t worth stressing over.  When you understand even the disappointments, “no’s” and failures are happening for you, we can accept them and move on toward the path of real goal faster.

Lori Harder - A tribe called bliss

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Don’t compare yourself or your story with others, instead celebrate, collaborate and compliment.  When we see women in this way instead it reflects on how we see ourselves. We all have our own very unique gift and we cut ourselves off from figuring out how to use it to its highest potential when we get stuck in thinking we are not good enough.  There are no mistakes in how you were made. Trust that and remember that amazing woman you’re comparing yourself to is just a mirror for what you are capable of in your own way. The world will reflect back to us what we believe.

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Why is having a tribe of aligned women so important to you?

It is of the utmost importance because when you feel you have a supportive tribe, you are more willing to take risks because you don’t fear rejection as much.  You know that no matter if you get that job, part or book deal, you still have people that love and accept you no matter what. Essentially, you have a soft place to land in this free fall we call life. You also have a group of women to share your wins with and your comeback rate from the low points or failures is much faster because they remind you of your why, your true value and that you need to get your butt back out there and try again.

Can you give us a play-by-play of what a typical day looks and feels like for Lori Harder?

I wake up to a mantra “I am happier, healthier, wealthier and more fit than I was yesterday.” May sound cheesy – but I need to switch my mind from being tired and thinking of what I have to do, to remember how I want to feel and what I want to focus on. Next, I head downstairs to read for 10 minutes (we call this pages before likes) followed by a meditation.  If I don’t choose my day, my day chooses for me and I slip easily into overwhelm and anxiety so I have to do this for my own well-being and happiness. Finally, I move my body to complete my morning routine before I begin my workday that consist of podcasting, writing, filming workouts and coaching people. I also like to throw in an evening walk, connection time each week with girlfriends and something that feels creative and fun for me or I notice my soul gets frustrated and bored.

Lori Harder - A tribe called bliss

How do your girlfriends inspire you?

The women in my tribe inspire me daily… They are all on their own path to following their soul’s calling and that is not always easy and fun.  It takes a lot of vulnerability and trial and error to create your dreams and get your message out there. I am constantly ignited by the way they commit themselves to showing up so authentically and to supporting each other.  We view supporting each other as just as important as supporting ourselves. That is how we will change the world and get our messages out!

What can readers expect to take away from the new book and your book tour, kicking off in LA? 

Readers can expect to gain a clear understanding of how to create a tribe and how to get through what has been blocking them from the kind of supportive relationships they desire.  They will also tap into the power of following their bliss and what it feels like to be the most authentic version of themselves, therefore becoming a magnet for all of their dreams.  They will learn immediate, real life actionable things that will change the game for them.