mocktail mimosa the modern day girlfriend

I am a champagne girl at heart and tequila but that’s another blog post but amongst my girlfriend’s I have been known to be a bubbly boss so it maybe obviously that mimosas are one of my favorite drinks. I have so many different variations of this drink in my arsenal but today, I am sharing one that I have been enjoying as of late. It is tangy, sweet with a hint of bubbles.

Adding apple cider vinegar to it gives that little bit of bite that a champagne would and GIRL let me tell you, it is freaking delicious and refreshing. I could of just done orange juice with some non alcoholic champagne but that is adding extra sugar, etc into it, which we don’t really need to enjoy a mimosa!

I hope you enjoy this mocktail mimosa as much as I d0, let me know below in the comment section!


Serves 2

3/4 cup orange juice

1/2 – 1 tsp apple cider vinegar ( I do 1 because I like the tang)

Bubbly Water or Seltzer

Optional garnish 

Orange slice

Cinnamon stick



In your cocktail shaker add ice orange juice and apple cider vinegar, shake well! Evenly pour mixture into your champagne glasses , top with bubbly water or seltzer and stir.