How To Make Your Own Almond Milk With Almond Cow

There are only so many times you can clean and reorganize a closet or drawer while staying at home during this time. I was reading the other day how some people are taking this time to learn something new. Have it be learning a new language, trying out a new recipe or workout routine, or even just learning something new about themselves, which I love. For me, even though I have made my own almond milk before, I found this company called Almond Cow that allows you to make those kinds of milk at home without all the waiting and straining! We go through alternative kinds of milk like almond, oat, cashew, and coconut milk it’s a job so there is a lot of waiting and straining to happen in our home.  I wanted to see if there was an easier way and if I noticed a difference in taste and in my wallet.

How To Make Your Own Almond Milk the modern day girlfriend

Almond Cow has a great starter kit option that includes  The Almond Cow Plant-Based Milk Maker, Glass Jug & Brush, Bulk Almonds* (3 lbs), Bulk Organic Whole Grain Oats (3 lbs), Bulk Organic Coconut Shreds (2 lbs). The starter kit is an investment for sure but for some is worth it, if you use a lot of alternative milk in your daily routine. they offer a payment plan as well.  You can get everything separately like the Almond Cow “Milk” Maker if you aren’t too sure or if you like buying the nuts or oats in bulk somewhere else.  You can use any nut, seed, or grain to make homemade plant-based milk in moments. Makes 5-6 cups of fresh milk at the touch of a button. No straining. No mess. Easy cleanup.

How To Make Your Own Almond Milk the modern day girlfriend


TrulyAlmond Cow is pretty darn awesome, we have enjoyed making different flavor milk by sweetening it with things like dates, mint, peanuts, vanilla extract, etc. We also love that you can use the pulp, which is what is left over after you make the milk. Almond Cow calls it the pulp meal.  There are so many things you can do with the pulp meal as well like, make it into dried granola or yummy topping for yogurts, or flavor it with some of your favorite flavors. You can even enjoy it with your new fresh homemade milk, I included al link here that shows you highlight some of those recipes! I will also be making some recipes here as well so if you are interested, definitely keep an eye out for them!

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They also include guides on how to make milk like oat milk or coconut milk.   I enjoyed reading if you want to try your hand at making your own alternative kinds of milk, I recommend trying out Almond Cow milk maker and if you use ARIANNA at checkout you get 15 % off!


What’s your favorite alternative milk?