My Top Free At-Home Workouts To Do During Quarantine

Top Free At-Home Workouts To Do During Quarantine

Now with the gyms and fitness studios closed and all of us implementing social distancing, and stay at home orders are in place in many states, having the ability to stay or get active while being safe at home can be hard.

You may have been thinking this may be the time to start a new fitness routine or just find something that gets you off the couch for 30 minutes a day but you are conscious about the money you are spending during this uncertain times, finding a workout class that gets the job done and won’t affect your wallet at all is a plus! That’s I wanted to share My Top 5 Free At-Home Workouts To Do During


My Top 5 Free At-Home Workouts To Do During Quarantine.

Barre Blend –Elise Joans is the creator of Barre Blend and super trainer at Beach Body. Her sample workout for Barre Blend is always free, I included the link here.  She also goes live every Monday & Wednesday at 7:15 am pacific! She also includes in her Instagram highlights her  FREE yoga & meditation on fitonapp! I included that link here as well, just tap here I am obsessed with Barre Blend just a side-note so I purchased the program but leave it to Elise and her big heart to share the love and the wellness!

Barry’s Bootcamp:  I actually found this one through a friend of mine who shared it on her Instagram stories! Barry does an Instagram Live daily for a free 20-minute workout that requires no equipment. If this sounds appealing to you head over to their feed and check out their highlight for their At Hime Sched for their daily workout schedules!

Class Pass: This is another one I found through a friend online, she was sharing her workouts thanks to Classpass on her Instagram stories so I checked it out myself! By creating a free account you have access to 2,00 at home video and audio workouts! With 2,000 at-home workouts, you best believe they have every kind ranging from HIIT to Yoga!

Tone It Up- I have followed these ladies for a long time, their pretty awesome if you ask me and just very relatable! I have been watching and partaking in their Instagram Live workouts as well but did you know they’re allowing free access to their app until April 22nd, which you can download on Itunes or Google Play. They have great workouts from yoga, to HIIT!

Women’s Health-  I follow Women’s Health on Instagram and noticed that they started going live every weekday, twice a day, with 15- to 40-minute workouts. You can check their feed for the schedule that includes everything from HIITT style workouts to really focusing on abs, legs, and or full-body routines.

Some equipment you may need or just want for at-home workouts 

1-2 Pound weights  

Resistance Bands

Yoga/ Workout Mat