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This holiday season give the gift that actually keeps on giving not only to yourself, or loved one but to the environment as well! If you like any of these items just press on the photo and it will direct you to check the products out yourself!

Below is my Eco- friendly gift idea, whether it’s for the holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, bridal shower or a just because day!!!

Eco- Friendly Gift Ideas!

1.Reusable Cup

They are reusable and sustainable! Helping limit the waste that goes into our oceans!


2. Stainless Steel Drinking Straws.


If each person would use a stainless steel straw, he or she can reduce up to 600 plastic straws per year from being dumped in the


3. Reusable Tote Bag

Saves money and resources. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable and have a huge impact on the environment.


4.  Sustainable Yoga Mats


Benefits of  using a cork yoga mat, the cork contains a natural waxy substance that does not absorb water, it helps improve your grip. Cork is self cleaning and anti-bacterial.

5.  Bambo Hairbrush

A bamboo brush and its bristles stimulate your hair follicles, while it massages the scalp it increases sebum production, which means softer, shinier hair.

6. Silicone & Bamboo Baking Set

A bamboo baking set is extremely durable, they’re very strong. Heat, stain and odor resistance, they are also affordable!

7. Essential Oil Diffuser :

Replace toxic air freshening sprays with a reusable essential oil diffuser that scents the air with natural, therapeutic oils.

8. Reusable BAGS:

Great to keep veggies and fruits fresh in your fridge.


 They’ve been proven to reduce stress so well that one glance at a plant lowers your heart rate. They also help clean the air we breathe by absorbing toxins and acting as little oxygen factories.-


Soy Candles are always a great way to go, they are typically in glass bottles that you can recycle or wash out and use for other purposes.