Photo| theguardian

Photo| theguardian

“I put Tequila in my green juice!”- Alex Thomopoulos 

The other night, I was out with one of my best friends grabbing a drink. We both had a rough week and we just wanted to connect and vent. As the night was coming to a close, one of her friends met up with us for a night cap. We started talking about life and all the fun things that come with it- like trying to date in Los Angeles for example. (It’s a headache).

She proceeded to tell me this story about a guy she just previously went on a date with. He asked her out to a movie and she kindly accepted, so they met up. Coming from a long day of work, she hadn’t had much time to eat, so she asked if they could stop to grab a quick bite before the movie started. He hesitated for a second and said to her,

Photo| relatably

Photo| relatably

“I only drink juice, so feel free to eat in front of me, but I apologize if I have to excuse myself to the bathroom often.”

She replied, “Oh like a juice cleanse? Don’t even worry about it, I get that, how long have you been on it?”

“3 months,” he responded.

She paused from the story, looked down at her plate of french fries and said, “I gave him a bye Felicia and I took myself to In & Out.”

Loving her gusto and love for french fries I could understand why she wasn’t having any of what he was serving up. Look guys we understand THE JUICE CLEANSE but when it’s not for health reasons it’s like having another person in your relationship. Having to plan meals or outings around a blend of Celery, Parsley and an Apple doesn’t sound like the most romantic date night.

I mean unless there is Tequila in it!

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