With summer comes lots of travel, if you’ve been following along on Instagram, you may notice I’ve been doin a lot of traveling lately for work and the next trip up is with my Knot Family in the Hamptons!

Boy do I love that group of individuals! It was such a magical time getting to know everyone in Miami and I am so honored and excited to do it again soon! With so many adventures that pop up when you travel, have a good reliable piece of luggage is important. Summer is the season for spontaneous getaways and weekend road trips so lets get rolling!

If you also want tips to packing just click here.



I literally am obsessed with this suitcase I use it for both long trips and weekend trips. I use the smaller one for my skincare, pills, etc. Also inside the bags they have organizing slits that are amazing to keep everything separate!



This bag has such amazing space in it. It also is just pretty to look at!



For those who take traveling literally.



I know this suitcase isn’t the most affordable one but it is one that is a great investment. It holds up and is great for traveling, big enough for your clothes, shoes and more!



Affordable and great for wanderlust, this bag is great for a last minute and even planned get away!

What is your next trip? Comment below!

xo, the modern day girlfriend