It is that time of year again, seemingly everyone you know is making almost the same New Years Resolution as they did last year which is to get into shape and be healthier!  

Don’t get me wrong wanting to create a healthier lifestyle change is an incredible way to kick off the New Year but that’s exactly what this so-called New Years Resolution has to be a lifestyle change, not a diet, a fad or I will do this for a couple months kind of deal.

If you are going to make a New Years resolution to get into shape than do it right!

Below are my 5 top tips to jump-starting your New Years Resolution.

Jump Start Your New Years Resolution

Fitness Tricks To Jump Start

1.Be More Active: Whether it is 30 minutes or an hour. Get your blood pumping!

2.Drink More Water: This one is still tough for me put it truly helps not only flush toxins out of your body but helps move the extra internal weight out as well!

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3.Lift More Weights: Believe it or not, lifting weights aids in losing more weight.  Just remember, muscles helps to burn fat. Find a weight lifting routine on the internet or from your favorite fitness Instagrammer and get pumping.

4.Don’t Deprive Yourself: By depriving yourself, you are actually making it easier to “fail” on your new lifestyle change. I’m not saying it all the food you want all the time but it is okay to allow yourself a cheat day every week. It shouldn’t even be called a cheat day but just a normal day of enjoyment.

fFitness Tricks To Jump Start

5. Find Your Reason & Write Down Your Goals: Having intentions, goals, etc and not acknowledging them but seeing them in black and white. Allows for you to see the “end goal”. Whether it’s too loose weight, get stronger or just live a healthier lifestyle, find your reason and stick to it.

What is your New Years Resolution?