investing in yourself No matter if you’ve just recently entered into college or are in the workforce, there are no doubt imperative investments that every woman should make while she’s in her prime. Whether it’s investing in experiences like finally going on that European trip (check out my ultimate Paris guide!) or investing in a simple skincare routine, it’s important that you choose things that will make the best version of you possible. Making the time to invest in those things will pay off for years to come. Here are just four key investments that every woman should consider making.

A Furbaby:

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Dog-lovers, cat-lovers, rejoice! Whether it’s a dog, a hedgehog, or a parrot, every woman should make the investment in getting a pet. Not only are they great to snuggle with (minus the parrot) but caring for an animal gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If you’re in the market for a furbaby, consider adopting an animal from a rescue shelter. There are so many animal shelters that are both local and national that will make it easy to help save a life and also make your search that much easier.


A Gym Membership:

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Whether you’re a complete health nut or someone who enjoys sleeping as a form of exercise, it’s no doubt that investing in your health goes a long way. Nowadays, there are so many fitness programs out there that make being active…wait for it…FUN! Fitness studios such as Pure Barre and Soul Cycle have come highly recommended as both fun and effective ways to stay healthy.


Quality Undergarments:

Many women forget to think of undergarments as a kind of investment, but with the running risk of wires poking out of your bra and underwear that can be easily torn, it’s worth it to make the investment now and buy yourself a quality pair of underwear and bra. When looking for underwear, it’s key to find a pair that help to embrace your natural shape and also shows no lines under clothes. Undergarments company, True & Co. does exactly this with their underwear collection, making it easily effortless to feel like your best self. The same goes when looking for a bra. You want to make sure that you find a bra that hugs your shape but is also comfortable. True & Co. has achieved this with their buttery soft, wire-free bras that will basically make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!


Skincare Routine:

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You can never be too young to start preparing your skin for the years ahead. High quality skincare products are an essential to add to your beauty cabinet. Investing in just a couple products such as daily moisturizer, eye serum, and an anti-wrinkle cream can make a world of a difference. Skincare companies like Tatcha, Shiseido and Drunk Elephant have all been praised as the skincare go-to’s but if you’re in the need for something a little bit more cost effective, here are some skincare options that won’t break the bank.