With all there is to do in a city like Paris, making your way around can be a little overwhelming. Between knowing what to order and making sure you’ve crossed every landmark off your list, the city can feel absolutely massive.  We’ve given you our top six tips too seeing the city like a local to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


 Seeing Paris Like a Local 

1. Never take a taxi, just an uber

Taxis are more expensive and the drivers aren’t nearly as nice as Uber drivers. Save your time and money. The American app works in France.

2. Visit the outdoor markets

Be a true Parisian and visit local markets for some light shopping. Markets like Marché Poncelet behind Arc de Triomphe offer a picturesque view with unique local products.

3. Always say “bonjour” as soon as you walk into any establishment

The Ultimate Guide To Seeing Paris Like A Local

Manners are important to the French. Saying hello when you walk into any establishment is important and guarantees better service. Don’t forget to say thanks and goodbye when you leave as well.  

4.Spend time on the terraces in Saint Germain des Pres

Enjoying a drink on the terrace is a favorite Parisian past time especially during spring and summer. Stop for a glass of champagne at a terrace in the Left Bank and don’t leave a 20% tip, service is included unless the waiter is cute. 

5.Shop at boutiques instead of large department stores

Don’t do your shopping at places like Printemps and Galeries Lafayette when you can get the full French shopping experience at one of a kind Parisian boutiques. Areas like Saint-Germain-des-Pres and the Haut Marais are made these kinds of experiences.

6. Eat baguettes in the street

Like Parisians do when they leave work!

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