This past month I turned thirty! Ever since I was a little girl I could remember wanting to turn thirty, thinking it was such a golden age. Now that I am 30, okay a few weeks in, I feel I have learned a lot about who I was before and accepting the growth after turning 30.

Everyone’s life story is different, no one is the same so my hopes in sharing this blog post is not to selfishly talk about myself but inspire at least one person who reads this!

These photos are from my surprise 30th birthday weekend. My sweet fiancé surprised me with a romantic weekend away and a day filled with just a handful of some of my closes friends. He knew that I didn’t want anything big but through out the year spend more time on a personal level with people. So I will be sharing some photos as well as the things I learned along the way.

30 Things I Learned When I Turned 30

  1. Focus your energy on things that fill you not drain you. Have that be with work, friends and or family.
  2. It’s not about quantity of people in your life but the quality. Spend quality time with people that feed your soul.
  3. Have a cheat day ( when it comes to food at least once a week)
  4. Diets are not real , it is more of a lifestyle change!
  5. Journaling is an effective form of therapy.
  6. Your body will change over the years, embrace it!
  7. It is okay to take care of yourself before taking care of the ones you love.
  8. If you arrive on time you’re late, always arrive early.
  9. Experiences are more valuable than material things
  10. The only constant in life is change.
  11. No one’s house is sparkling clean all of the time.
  12. Friends really do come and go and that is okay!
  13. Never underestimate your impact on those around you
  14. There’s no timeline for your life.
  15. Put your phone down.
  17. The best way to beat sadness is by doing something for someone else. Volunteer!
  18. Dogs are pure love!
  19. Try to workout for 30 minutes a day, get outside!
  20. Drink more water
  21. Remember to always take your makeup off at night and use a good skin regimen.
  22. Gratitude is everything.
  23. Be nice and expect nothing in return.
  24. Someone else’s success doesn’t diminish yours.
  25. Don’t hold grudges.
  26. Success is perspectival.
  27. Family isn’t just blood, you can choose your family!
  28. Always bring a sweater, your mother was right.
  29. Listen to your gut
  30. Learn as much as you can.
xo, the modern day girlfriend