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Recently I began reading the book, The Artist Way, & I am hooked!  The Artist Way is about helping you find your creativity when you feel like you have hit a roadblock. Through the journey of reading the Artist Way.

Through the journey of reading the Artist Way, it causes you dig deep into who you are. One of my favorite things I had to do were the affirmations, which is defined by the action or process emotional support or encouragement. By writing these affirmations down each day as truly helped me and that’s why I wanted to share their power with you for this weeks Monday Motivation! 

I hope you find them as helpful as I do you should tell yourself and bookmark so you can always come back to remind yourself just how awesome you are.

25 Morning Affirmations : Monday Motivation

1.  I am  worthy

2. I am  not defined by my past

3. I am  beautiful

4. I am smart

5. I am in control of how I react to others.

6. I deserve to be happy

7. I choose happy

8. I am worthy of love

9. I deserve the good that is coming to me

10. I am grateful

11. I appreciative of where I am

12. I will not let the fear of failure stop me

13. I can create the life I want

14. I deserve great things

15.  I don’t need someone else to be complete

16. I am creative

17. I am allowed to take time for myself

18. I am allowed to just be

19.  I am allowed to take time to heal

20.  I will succeed today

21. I love the person I am today

22. I forgive my past

23. My imperfections make me unique.

24. My potential to succeed is limitless.

25.  I choose to live each day to the fullest.

What are some of your favorite morning affirmations?