Summer Cocktail:  White Wine Slushies 


Super simple and easy to make this delicious White Wine Slushie is not only the perfect way for you and your guest to beat summer heat but it’s a great drink to prep ahead of time so you can bask in the summer sun with your friends!

This White Wine Slushie is definitely worth the brain freeze.



Yields: 4 cups



  1. In a blender, you will want to add your 2 cups of Pineapple and roughly( a splash more never hurt anybody) about 2 cups of the wine. Blend until smooth. Pour into a large bowl or cup and pop it into the freezer.


2. Next you will want to add your strawberries and what is left of the wine into your blender ;)! Blend until smooth.


3.Bring Pineapple slush out of the freezer and evenly distribute Pineapple wine slush  into four small wine glasses.


4. Next you will top it off with your Strawberry wine slush and garnish it with your lime slice.

( If  you are prepping ahead of time place in separate bowls or large glasses and place in the freezer.)



What’s your go to summer drink?