Engaged the modern day girlfriend

I hope you have enjoyed being part of our wedding journey so far and what an incredible journey it has been.  I have loved every minute of connecting and learning with and from you!

One thing that has really stuck out for me while planning our wedding is how cool, calm and collected I feel. I was never the girl who dreamed about my wedding but I was a woman who planned for my wedding. That’s why I wanted to share with your my top 5 things to do when you get engaged that help makes the wedding process less stressful.

1. Pick A Date ( or at least a month) 

wedding  I know this sounds crazy to think immediately after you get engaged but it really helps the whole planning process and getting everything squared away. It helps when it comes to locking down like the venue, planner, vendors have an opening. 

2. Set A Budget 

wedding the modern day girlfriend

The budget should be realistic and also divided up to each ” part “of the wedding. Like how much you are willing to spend on flowers, decor, food and more. 

3.Wedding Planner

There are so many options to choose from whether it is the day of, a month before, a year before! Take your pick! There are so many things to think about when you get married so having a planner can really help take that burden off your shoulders!

We absolutely love our planner, Claudia of Hoste Events.  My girlfriend Elise, used her for her wedding and couldn’t stop raving about her so of course, I jumped on a phone call with Claudia and instantly fell in love with her. She made me feel so heard. Not only does she offer full service as well as event planning and execution. She is a true dream to work with. She keeps you on track, never pushes her own agenda, openly shares her knowledge of everything wedding and makes sure you aren’t going over and beyond your budget.

4. Venue


The venue will probably be the most expensive thing on your budget, besides the food! Which during our process was the most shocking part! Part of me is shocked by how many places take advantage of people’s special day but I understand why people spend the money on it!

Neil and I have done our research on venues, it took a long time but so so worth it! We got really lucky on our location. They offered so many great things like food, tables, utensils, linens, chairs, etc. Which helps play into the overall budget! Which if you can find a venue that offers more than just the site in their fee definitely check it out!

Not to mention they allow dogs, which was so important to us because we knew we want to have Tater Tot in our wedding. 

5. Guest List

You may have thought I should put the guest list on the top of the list but trust me, you may want to wait on knowing your final number ( which you really don’t know until you get the invites back) but you planner, venue, vendors will ask how many people are you expecting. You can tell them and plan your wedding with a rough estimate! 


Breathe, Go On A Date.

I think this speaks for itself 🙂 

Get Your Ring Insured.

Your engagement ring is not only valuable in more ways than one but it is something you will never want to lose. So if you do you want to make sure you have it insured.