If you’ve been following me at @moderndaygf on Instagram lately you probably already know that WE GOT ENGAGED not too long ago! BOY, what an out of body experience it was and the UGLY crying was alive and well!

Again, if you’ve been following me at @moderndaygf you would also know that I am beyond honored to have YOU join in our journey towards the altar! From the planning to the party, I can’t wait to share all the details with you and get your input and advice by gathering up answers to questions on my feed, to polls, to so much more! We truly hope you join us on this journey!

Let’s start where it all began, the engagement!

Some of you may be asking how was there a photographer there and I didn’t catch on! Well, I was shooting all day with Brandi anyways! Brandi is an incredible photographer down here in San Diego ( @thoughtsbybrandi ). I had already discussed with Brandi about having Neil join us at the end because I wanted more photos of the two of us both for personal and professional reasons!

Little did I know that he already had plans to ask me on this day anyways but because I had set up a photo shoot, he quickly changed his plans and orchestrated the most magical day of my life!

A little backstory about why he chose the day that he did, I had been gone the entire month leading up to our proposal and we were leaving again shortly thereafter, so he was going to make it work

After the photo shoot was done, I was ready to pack up and head out. As I was getting ready to leave he said,

Hey babe, why don’t we take one more, where you walk out towards the ocean and I will follow you!”

To me I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought how powerful this photo will turn out with the sun coming through the cracks of where our bodies outline one another, I was oblivious to what was happening behind me!

As I turned around I was stopped in my tracks, there in front of me was my best friend, the love of my life, my person, down on one knee asking me to marry him.

As our eyes teared up and he opened the box it felt like a lifetime happened in the blink of an eye and with our baby girl ( our dog tater tot) beside us I couldn’t think this moment could get any better but it did!

Of course, I said yes and as he wrapped me up in his arms and we kissed for the first time as fiance’s, our lips parted and he whispered and said,

“Look up” as he pointed to.

My mother, father, sister, and bfster ( best friend who is like your sister) and her wife my other bestie, standing above watching the whole thing! the ugly crying started again in full force.

I want to take a second and just reflect on this moment and just say in no way am I not aware of how lucky and blessed I am to have found such an incredible partner. In no way am I trying to show off or highlight my life as a fairytale. If you have followed me here on The Modern Day Girlfriend, you know my journey well and know it has not been sunshine and rainbows! I am an open book and share the good, the bad and the ugly! I am honored to have this platform to share all of those moments with you and even more grateful to have your continued love and support! I am so excited about this next chapter in my life and wanted to share it with you so thank you for letting me and I look forward to the memories we will make together as we do this journey together!

All my love,

Arianna , Neil & Tater Tot