Reasons to Switch to Clean Beauty

Reasons Why I Switched to Clean Beauty

I have shared this sentiment on my social media before. Up until roughly two years ago, so 2021 I never really paid attention to what type of products I was using in.Whether that be in the home or personal care products. I tried to stay as “clean” as possible just because that’s how I was raised but I truly never looked at what the items were made with. Yes, even some of the clean products on the market are made with harsh chemicals, toxins, endocrine disrupters and more. 

It wasn’t until I was faced with my miscarriage that I started my true healing journey from the inside out.  I started to educate myself on the foods I was eating, where they are sourced, what was in them, to the products I use everyday. What I was brushing my teeth with or rubbing all over my skin. I was truly shocked and still sadden by what companies can get away with whether it comes from the food we eat to beauty products we use.

Today I wanted to focus on the beauty world and my reasonings for switching over, if you have been interested in making the switch to a more low toxic lifestyle or just curious about clean beauty, below I share my thoughts on how small changes like changing your foundation can lead to a bigger better impact on your overall health. It’s how I started!

Check out my before and after at the end of the blog post!

1. Hormones & Overall Health  

Did you know that, that the average woman puts on 12 different products each day and about 169 different chemicals*?

Yes, that includes makeup!! Our skin which is our largest organ, absorbing into our bloodstream what we put on it in less than 30 seconds! Our blood of course affects our hormones. Look I know there are many reasons why I could’ve had our miscarriages and I am not saying my make up routine caused them either but these type of products can cause hormone imbalances which hormones play an important part to your overall health not just your fertility.

My thought has been if I could provide an optimal environment not only for my hormones to be leveled but my overall health to flourish and  if switching my skincare and  make up to a more clean non-toxic one can aid in doing just that, why wouldn’t I do it right.

This has been my motto for two years now and I am loving it and have seen such a different in both my hormone levels and my overall health.

crunchi Arianna Salyards the modern day girlfriend crunchi Arianna Salyards the modern day girlfriend

2. The Beauty Industry Itself  

With the beauty industry being largely unregulated, many of the products we buy and use on a daily basis are not tested for hash chemicals like carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive and developmental toxins, which is a whole thing in itself and even freaking neurotoxins! Studies have even found such chemicals in cord blood, meaning they are being going from mama to baby in pregnancy! Did you know that FDA doesn’t requires cosmetic products or ingredients to be tested for safety before they are sold to consumers.*  These findings floored me especially because of my own personal journey with my fertility. These past two years completely shifted my view on the everyday and sparked a passion about not only clean beauty but a clean life and sharing that with you. Change for us didn’t come over night and we still aren’t perfect but small changes lead to bigger impact and it is not only what we put in our body that matters but on our body as well.

There is  A LOT  to say on this topic. I will continue to share it but it is an important piece of the puzzle that definitely needs to be talked about more and is one of the biggest  reasons I have switched not only the products in our home and  my make up to truly non toxic items!

I also just launched my new low tox shop on the site where you can find all of my favorite non-toxic items, click here if you want to checkout out!

I have seen such a difference not only in our home but ourselves, my skin, omgoodness is the clearest it has ever been. I have more energy, I am happier, it just feel better and that’s why I want to continue to share the low-tox life!


Reasons to Switch to Clean Beauty

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