4 Fun Holiday Traditions To Create With Your Partner

holiday tradtions

Looking for some new holiday traditions to share with your partner this year? Whether this is your first holiday together or years down the road. I have put a list together of 4 fun holiday traditions you can implement today to help ensure you and your partner stay connected during the holiday season.

Bake Cookies & Drink Hot Chocolate:

fun holiday traditions

Your sweetheart won’t be the only thing sweet this year. Don’t worry the cookies plus the hot chocolate won’t leave you with a toothache from all the sugar. No one said you had to eat the cookies but I mean who can bake cookies and really leave them out for Santa?

Enjoy the labor of your love as you sit down to watch a holiday movie with your honey (which happens to be the next holiday tradition on the list.)

Watch A Holiday Movie:

fun holiday traditions

Whether you have your hot chocolate and cookies in hand, snuggling up with your significant other while sharing a blanket and your favorite holiday movie is sure to lead to one if not your favorite holiday memory.

 Build A Gingerbread House:

fun holiday traditions

I love building Gingerbread houses every year regardless if I was in a relationship or not. There is something about the holiday season and gingerbread houses that just make the day magical! Although you might think you are “too old” for gingerbread making, you are never too old to create a new and fun holiday tradition with your significant other!

Give Back:

holiday traditions

The holidays are a time of giving not just to our friends and family but to people in need. Whether you both are going to give of your time or donate clothes, etc nothing seems to fill your heart like giving back to others less fortunate. I stand corrected this might turn out to be your new favorite holiday tradition!

What are some of your holiday traditions? Comment below or tag me in your socials @moderndaygf