Quick Guide To Keeping A Relationship Together 

1.Choose each other every single day.

2.Never go to bed angry.

3.Be honest & never lie.

4.Remember it’s a two-way street.

5.Don’t let your past affect your present.


7.Express how you feel.

8.Hear what the other person has to say.

9.Appreciate them and what they do for you and your relationship.

10.Remind them of what they mean to you.

11.Don’t say sorry to say sorry, really mean it.

12.Ask them how they really are, how the day was, what upset them or made them happy.

13.Be invested.

14.Sometimes put their needs in front of your own.

15.Try and fall in love with something about your partner each day.

What are some of your relationship tips? @moderndaygf