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With the year coming to an end that means, another new years resolution, which most of us don’t typically stick to but a trick I have found to actually sticking to my new years resolution is to make one for others and with all the devastation we have seen here in California there is no better time than now to be of service to others and those who don’t have a voice like our furry friends!  

pets ways to give back

Here are our top five ways to help animals this season that’ll have you feeling like a new person.

1. Volunteer at a shelter
It is pretty simple to find a shelter near you, just Google Animal shelters and your area code and you are one step closer to helping a little one in need! NO JOKE IT IS that SIMPLE!

2. Foster
Fostering is a wonderful way to offer love and a comfortable living situation to a homeless animal until they find a permanent place to live. Especially right now in California, the shelters are filled with animals that got displaced because of the wildfires! Fostering is an incredible way to help spread the love! Here are some shelters, rescue to reach out to help!

Best Friends Society

Wags & Walks

the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles

3. Feed Them!

Shelters are always in need of food, nothing is too big or small! Head to your local grocery store and get any size bag, cans, etc you can respectfully purchase as a gift for this fur babies and drop it off at a local shelter or rescue!


4. A warm place to sleep!

I am not saying you have to bring them into your bed, which I would say to do but if you aren’t looking for a fur-ever pet just yet think about helping them sleep more comfortably! There are many ways to provide a comfy place to rest their heads like making a DIY dog bed or purchasing mats, blankets, pet beds from your local Target, Tj Maxx, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and so many other department stores!


5. Spring Cleaning
Have a stack of newspapers you haven’t yet taken out for recycling? Likely, a shelter can use them. Coat whether real fur or not can be sent to wildlife reserves to help injured animals, etc.