My Favorite Non-Toxic Deodorant That Actually Works.

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Did you know that traditional deodorants tend  too clog our pores and make it harder for your body to sweat the way it needs too. Hint’s the name antiperspirant, ( against perspiring)  being able to  sweat is a super important process for your body to do and  our sweat isn’t what actually causes the smell, because all that sweat is the mixture of salt and water. What does create the smell is when that mixture comes into contact with our bodies natural bacteria that lives on our skin, I.E under our armpits?

Organic deodorant are known to allow your body to sweat and  help prevent odor ! Organic deodorants are able to do this by keeping the natural bacteria that occurs in your body when sweating from mixing with the salt and water on your skin.

By not blocking your pores Natural deodorants have such great benefits not only for your laundry but your  health as well because organic deodorant don’t block your pores, this allows the good bacteria to keep working, even when you are not wearing any deodorant.

Organic deodorants ability to allow your skin to breath is huge unlike antiperspirants that clog your pores and allows the sweat to build up underneath your skin which can not only cause bad oder but skin irritation as well as bumps!

As I always, always say every body is different what may work for me, might not work for you and vice versa. If one of these don’t work for you keep looking, or feel free to direct message me or email me happy to help. Always do your own research before you use anything on your body as well as the foods you consume!

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