matcha latte the modern day girlfriend

There are many studies about the effects of caffeine on fertility, miscarriages and pregnancy.

According to Mayo Clinic, caffeine intake under 200 mg/day has no apparent effect on fertility which means limiting caffeine intake to one to two 6 to 8 ounce cups per day is advised.*1

After speaking to my OB, prenatal nutritionist and fertility they  all agreed to limit my caffeine intake if any at all. We all discussed the idea of  matcha and from recent studies about the benefits of matcha on fertility they all agreed that matcha which  has about 25-50% less caffeine than coffee or espresso would be a great substitute for not only having a little pick me up through the day but the health benefits matcha offers.

In addition, limiting caffeine has been shown to decrease the chance of early pregnancy loss. When selecting matcha keep in mind that high-grade matcha has the best flavor and bright green matcha is the freshest and has not lost its valuable properties. I recommend enjoying it as a latte

Let’s discuss the difference first between green tea and matcha. Matcha  is the whole tea leaf ground into a powder. By grinding up the entire leaf means there is a higher concentration of EGCG, known to be a powerful antioxidant.*1  Epigallocatechin-3-gallate or better known as EGCG is a compound found in many natural foods, that have been linked to a number of health benefits. They seem to work similarly to antioxidants with in the body, decreasing inflammation and boosting energy.*2

According to studies, EGCG makes matcha  an incredible option for women trying to conceive because it helps reduce the formation of free radicals, helping to protect the DNA of our cells which means it is protecting egg supply. *1

Not only is matcha great for women it is also great for men a well, it has also been known to be effective in reducing sperm abnormalities so it is a great choice for men who are trying to improve their fertility as well.*1

I am not a doctor please check with your OB or fertility doctor to see how caffeine may affect you.

Matcha Latte the modern day girlfriend


1 scoop ceremonial grade matcha

1 cup hot water

1 tsp organic honey

Oatmilk creamer


Add honey into your mug, add matcha, add hot water and use small hand frother to blend together, in a standing milk frother or in a separate cup froth together the oat milk. Top off matcha with frothed oat milk.